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Clinical Commissioning Group Outcomes Indicator Set (CCG OIS)

The CCG Outcomes Indicator Set provides clear, comparative information for CCGs about the quality of health services and the associated health outcomes.

The indicators measure outcomes at CCG level to help inform priority setting and drive local improvement. The areas covered by the indicators contribute to the five domains of the NHS Outcomes Framework. The CCG OIS does not set thresholds or levels of ambition.

Data and the supporting documents for the indicators are published via

NHS England also requires CCGs to develop their own local priorities, the following having been selected by Stafford and Surrounds CCG:

  • Improve the percentage of pregnant women vaccinated for flu
  • Improve blood pressure control in diabetic patients
  • Increase the number of people diagnosed with COPD.

Updates will be shared with practices to enable practices to monitor progress as an individual practice and CCG. There will also be the opportunity for practices to support each other through sharing of best practice and lessons learnt. There is an acknowledgement that for some practices there is a greater gap between current levels and required target, as a CCG we recognise that some of this will be due to demographics and individual needs of the practice population.