AGM success in Stafford

On Tuesday 18 July, we held our Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2016/17 at Beaconside International Centre. Patients, staff and colleagues from providers and the voluntary sector were invited to attend to hear about the CCG's achievements and future plans. You can downoad the full presentation from the evenings event:  pdf SAS AGM Presentation 18 07 17 (2.28 MB)

The key topics that were discussed included:

  • how the NHS is funded and how money is spent - we spent £181 million on behalf of our 147,146 registered population at an average of £1,233 per resident
  • we plan to return to financial balance in 2019/20 and we are expected to deliver 1% surplus


  • new models of care and how this effects general practice
  • the national GP Forward View has five priority areas; access, workforce, workload, estate and IT. To find out our local plan for South Staffordshire you can download this document:  pdf GPFV Plan South Staffordshire CCGs (1.78 MB)
  • our Local Care Hubs will improve population health outcomes, enhance primary care services and integrate community teams.
  • Care Coordintaion Centre - a single point of access to urgent care services - and how this is helping direct patients to the right service for their needs
  • Primary Care key achievements, including:
    • a higher dementia diagnosis rate, increased diagnosis of patients with atrial fibrillation and a further increase in the numbers of patients diagnosed with COPD - all meaning more patients recieve the right care and treatment
    • the reduction of prescribed antibiotics - antiobiotics become less effective the more they are used and will be prescribed when they are needed
    • we are diagnosing patients earlier with long-term conditions so treatment can begin quicker & managed more efficiently
    • improving control of blood pressure in diabetes
    • we are improving ways patients can access primary care by signposting them to the most appropriate healthcare profession.
  • Nursing home pilot to improve care for patients and make efficient use of GP resources, supported by a nure practitioner doing regular ward rounds