Call goes out for two people to help guide the future of NHS services in Stafford and surrounds

Two people with special qualities are being sought to help ensure that NHS services for people living in and around Stafford are serving local patients as well as possible.

Stafford and Surrounds CCG is looking for two new Lay Members. Lay members are drawn from the public but usually have expertise in areas that help the CCG with their decision making.

The two Lay Members being sought are:

  • Lay Member for Governance
  • Non-statutory Lay Member

Dr Anne-Marie Houlder, Chair of the CCG said: "It is more important than ever before, for the NHS to act in a way that is completely honest, open and accountable.
"We are looking for exceptional people with a track record of leadership.

"They will need to attend many of our key meetings and actively challenge the decisions we are making.

"They will effectively be there to help ensure we are acting in the best interests of patients and our local population at all times."

Both positions will be part time and paid.

The Lay Member for Governance will sit on the board.
They will probably have held a senior position in a large organisation where they have developed expertise in areas which include including audit, remuneration and conflicts of interest, finance and risk management.

They will be Chair the CCG's audit committee.
The Non Statutory Lay Member will bring additional rigour to decision-making in the CCG and will be a member of some committees that support the Governing Body.

They will need to live in Stafford Borough or have very strong ties with the local community.

An application pack and details of how to apply are available at
The closing date for all applications is 12.00 noon on Tuesday 9 June 2014.